Absolute Payroll offers all inclusive pricing. When you are given a price quote, you will pay that amount per payroll and there will be no other charges throughout the year. Listed below are the services included in our pricing. Please call us if there are any questions about our services and what we offer.

Payroll Features

  • Time and Attendance Integration

  • Any Pay Type and Deduction

  • Payroll Timesheet

  • Pre-approval Reports


  • Tax Payments

  • Tax Filing for all 50 States

  • Reporting and Filing of W-2’s

  • Quarterly/Year End Reporting


  • Full Comprehensive Set of Reports

  • Department Allocation

  • 401(k) Transmittal Report

  • Worker’s Comprehension Audit Report

  • New Hire Reporting

Payroll Features

  • Tracking and Accrual of PTO

  • Importing and Exporting of Payroll Data Files

  • Electronic Check Signature

  • Remote Print Back

  • QuickBooks Integration

Paperless Option

  • Direct Deposit

  • Employee Portal Access

  • Employer Payroll Access