Swipeclock is an efficient time and attendance solution that enables employers to maintain an organized method of tracking employee labor hours and performance. Our payroll system can smoothly integrate with Swipeclock’s timekeeping system in order to provide an efficient and well-organized way of reporting your employee’s hours. Here are a few features that we can offer your company by taking advantage of these timekeeping solutions:
  • Employee Self Service
  • PPACA Management
  • Daily auto email report
  • Determine FT/PT hours
  • PTO Accruals
  • Labor distribution
  • Automated OT calculations
  • Holiday tracking and payment
  • Multi-tier Supervisor Approval
  • Flexible reporting; audit trail
  • Job costing
  • Calculate Full Time Equivalents
  • Automated Leave Request
  • Punch rounding (in/out)
  • Import direct to payroll
  • Shift differential pay
  • Multiple pay rates
  • Custom pay categories
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